26.08.2015, Events Know-How

Watch Apps – Gimmick or Opportunity?

In his key note speech at this year’s Emex 15 Daniel Estermann shared his first experiences as Apple watch user and highlighted trends and chances of Apples latest gadget.

Practical and nice to have features


After wearing the new Apple Watch for a few weeks it shows that some features are indeed so attractive that I wouldn’t want to miss them anymore. Like e.g. interactive notifications. Or the fitness tracker, who reminds me to get up from my office chair on regular base. Or passbook, containing my boarding passes. Or – especially attractive for motor bikers – the driving route-planner, indicating left or right turns with different kind of vibrations.

As nice to have I qualify features like doing selfies without a camera stick, the solar system clock face or the sending of my own heartbeat to special friends.

My personal conclusion: even if the handling was not completely intuitive at the beginning and third party apps are still a bit slow, my smartphone is now being partially replaced by the apple watch. I missed less meetings and the battery power is not an issue to me, as I am anyway used to charge my smartphone during the night. In short: I would not want to miss my Apple Watch anymore, even though real killer apps, turning the watch into a must have, are still missing. Such apps for sure will appear in the near future e.g. in the areas of payment, entry systems or home automation.


Trends & Opportunities


Apps are used differently on the watch than on a smartphone. The motto is: only what is most important or urgent is of interest for the user, as the watch is made for 3 second experiences. Not many users will open a weather app on their watch, but they want to see the relevant weather info already on their clock face. And no one will ever read a whole news article on this small screen, but expects to receive the latest headlines via push notifications.

For app watch providers it is all about to make most intelligent use of the opportunities apples newest gadget offers. E.g. notifications should be personal, intelligent and interactive, with targeted and relevant content, arriving at the right place at the right time. Retailers e.g. can send promotional messages to clients entering the store, or update them with the newest amount of their bonus accounts right after payment and thus remind them to come back soon.

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