12.07.2013, Our Apps

New: Swisscom My Tone App

Whatever music style you prefer, you will find in the Swisscom my Tone app the ringback tone you are looking for each of your contacts!

In addition to the already existing ringbacktone service Swisscom is already offering via web, this service can now also be used with the new «my Tone» app for Android. With the app – realized by youngculture mobile – users can choose an individual ringbacktone for every contact or for defined groups.


  • Ringbacktone for contacts: Choose for every one of your contacts an individual ringback tone from a list of latest songs.
  • Ringbacktone for groups: define a group, for which you choose a special ringbacktone.
  • Playlist: Aus mehreren Begrüssungtönen können Sie eine Playlist zusammenstellenPlaylist: out of several ringbacktones you can define a playlist.


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