13.10.2014, Events

Mobile POS: Bringing e-commerce and “brick-and-mortar” in-store trade together

Speaking at the 4th Mobile Businessclub 2014 in Cologne, Dominic Veit end Jens Saade of youngculture described how e-commerce and brick-and-mortar in-store trade should be brought together to form an integrated omnichannel-solution.

4. Mobile Businessclub 2014

Dominic Veit pointed out that in today’s omni-channel landscape there are often big gaps between e-commerce and brick-and-mortar in-store trade. It is no longer enough just to give consistent product data and prices across all channels. Today, consumers expect to have all information available at every point of contact, which means that in-store staff must have relevant information about products prices and inventory levels always ready to-hand (in the shops, as well as in department stores).

Using practical and real-life examples of a „ blueprint“ omni-channel solution (based on hybris Accelerators and the OneView Commerce POS systems), the youngculture speakers showed that this vision of integration is no longer just a theory; it is now a practical reality that combines the channels of e-commerce, mobile commerce call-centres and brick-and-mortar in-store trade through the use of a mobile POS system. This simple and ingenious solution eliminates channel boundaries and makes the vision of an integrated 360° omni-channel view of customers and data a reality. Jens Saade presented the showcase example of how a luxury jewellery store does this, linking e-commerce, an omni-channel platform, and brick-and-mortar in-store trade together in a way that ensures the client and their expectations are always the central focus.

After the presentation, the speakers took questions and comments from the audience in an expert session moderated by Ursula Coester.


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