28.06.2016, About Us

appculture strenghtens its Board of Directors

Thomas Schiess joins the board of directors of Swiss software engineering company appculture AG.

Thomas Schiess is the first external member to join the board of appculture AG, founded in November 2015. He joins the existing board members, Daniel Estermann, André Horstmann, and Daniela Capaul, all of whom are also actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the company as managing partners.


Thomas Schiess brings a wide range of experience in general management, marketing, and sales gained from a variety of management roles in the consumer goods, consultancy, and financial services industries.

He was CEO of the household products company Martec Handels AG and previously worked for such companies as Unilever, F. Hunziker + Co AG, and Zurich.

“Thomas brings a challenging outsider’s perspective to what we’re doing,” comments CEO Daniel Estermann. “This helps us ensure our company keeps its eye on what the market wants because it’s our stated goal to make the latest technological possibilities profitable for our clients, whether it’s the mobile digitalisation of their business processes or the design of successful mobile B2E, B2B, and B2C solutions. Thomas will use his experience in various industries to help us drive the development of our services in a way that meets actual customer needs.”


Welcome aboard, Thomas !

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